15 Caramel hair color styles

Caramel hair color ideas 

Miley cyrus caramel hair color 15 Caramel hair color styles

Caramel is a delicious hair shade which fits women with warm complexions and those with brunette or blonde locks. Women with brown and hazel eyes will have their beautiful features pop out with Caramel hair. Also known as dark iridescent blonde and light golden brown, Caramel is the perfect color to sweeten up your style.

caramel highlights 15 Caramel hair color styles

Hair ideas

Caramel can be highlights, lowlights, or the total color of your tresses.

Light brown hair with caramel highlights

caramel hair color 15 Caramel hair color styles

Women with dark eyes and warm skin colors will benefit from dyeing all their locks in caramel. Because the color can be so overwhelming, this hair shade is best matched up with medium-length hair.

Caramel is a great highlight color for women with dark-colored hair, such as brunette. The contrast of the colors will truly make you pop out from the crowd. Women with blonde or medium brunette locks will also enjoy the subtle look of caramel highlights.

caramel wavy hairstyle 15 Caramel hair color styles

As for lowlights, Caramel is best for women with medium blonde shades. This lowlight should be avoided by women with cool hair as the caramel streaks can look out of place.

caramel hair color demi lovato 15 Caramel hair color styles

Best Caramel hair dyes

While there are many available dyes in the market, you need to have your hair bleached by an experienced hairstylist for best results.

Soft  beige  caramel hair color

caramel long blonde hair 15 Caramel hair color styles

After bleaching your hair, here are several Caramel hair colors that will give you the warm and sweet shade that you have always wanted.

Golden  blonde  with caramel undertone 

caramel hair 15 Caramel hair color styles

Medium Golden Blonde shade from Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam is best with women with natural light blonde or brown hair. Caramel Kiss and Golden Sunset from L’Oreal Feria are worth trying as well. Brown Sugar or Honeydip from the Garnier Nutrisse line, on the other hand, can make your hair vibrant and shiny. The John Frieda shades of Light Golden Brown and Dark Golden Blonde, or Honey from Revlon Frost and Glow are good selections as well.

Of course, don’t forget to conduct a patch test to determine if you are allergic with a certain hair color formulation.

kim kardashian caramel highlights 701x1024 15 Caramel hair color styles

Maintaining Caramel hair

Like other artificial hair colors, your Caramel dyes might fade out with repeated washing. To keep your hair shade vivid and vibrant, you need to use shampoos and conditioners specially made for blonde hair. Apart from these serums, you need to drink a lot of water and avoid styling products and devices which can damage your hair with prolonged use.

Alessandra Ambrosio Light brown hair with subtle caramel highlights

Alessandra Ambrosio  caramel hair 15 Caramel hair color styles

Caramel is a lovely color which can help you turn heads. But before you douse your hair in this shade, remember to consider your complexion and hair length in order to attain the perfect look.