Easy nail designs

12 Pretty and Easy Nail Designs  for you

Nail art is a stylish way to glam up your hands. With the many nail art devices out there, you can now make a fancy nail design right at the comfort of your own home. Here are easy nail styles which you can do in just a few minutes’ time.

Flower Power- try contrasting colors!

black nails with flowers Easy nail designs

For this easy nail art you need a three nail polish colors – say black, white, and red. You also need toothpicks with sharpened edges for the design. First, color your nails with a dark nail polish, dry well. Dip the toothpick on your white nail polish and draw vertical waves (S designs) on your nails.Dip another toothpick on the red nail polish and make flowers (five circles around each other.) Fill the center with white nail polish and dry thoroughly.

Flower design made with art pen

flower design nails Easy nail designs

Strawberry delight nails – easy to do at home!

strawberry nails Easy nail designs

Strawberries are sweet, and now you can channel this fruit’s look on your nails. You need red, green and white nail polish, and a sharpened toothpick. First, apply red polish on your nails and dry. Secondly, paint green polish on your tips. Dip the toothpick in white nail polish and draw dots on your nails. It’s that easy!

Plaid nails – simple and stylish design

easy nail designs plaid nails Easy nail designs

Zigzag  and lines

easy tribal stripes nail art Easy nail designs

With this design you can pick any contrasting nail colors of choice. Great combinations include black and white, blue and pink, red and green, to name a few. You need stripers for this, or if you have great manual dexterity, just toothpicks. Draw zigzag lines about 2 millimeters on your nails, and alternate with another color. For a fun look, shuffle between straight lines, horizontal lines, vertical lines, and zigzag patterns.

silver and red glittery nails Easy nail designs

glittery nail stamp art supplies Easy nail designs

British flag nails with beaded crown

british flag nails with crown and beads Easy nail designs


Let it snow!Simple and cute design.

snowflakes blue nail design Easy nail designs

While this design is best for the holiday seasons, you can still flaunt it anytime of the year. For this easy nail art you need a dark or light nail polish, and a striper in an alternating color. Again, if you are great with your hands you can use a toothpick. Apply your nail polish of choice and dry. With a striper or toothpick dipped in nail color, draw six-pronged snowflakes on your nails.

Gradient nails

gradient nails Easy nail designs

Bedazzled – for creative girls

Bedazzle lavender nail art Easy nail designs

If you want sparkles on your hands, then cat’s eyes or gemstones are what you need on your fingernails. To create this design, apply your nail polish of choice – for best results, pick a contrasting color with your cat’s eyes. Use nail glue (not epoxy or super glue!) and paste the gemstones on your tips, or on the center of the nail bed.

cool nails Easy nail designs

Glittery nails – my favorite !

Dark blue nails with multicolored glitter – very stylish

darl blue nails with multicolored glitter Easy nail designs

Minty nails with red , gold and green glitter

minty nails with red gold and green glitter Easy nail designs

Stylish black and purple glittery nails, easy to do design

black and purple glittery nails Easy nail designs

Glittery brown and gold snowflakes nail art

glittery gold and brown snowflakes Easy nail designs

Supplies for glittery snowflakes nail design

supplies for nail design Easy nail designs

Pretty polka dot nails

blue and white polka dot nails Easy nail designs

 Here is so many stylish and easy nail designs, you should try each and every!