Cool White Ink Tattoos

Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan are just some of the many celebrities who have caught on the fever of white ink tattoos. True enough, these are very unique embellishments which you can have on several parts of your body. Since they can’t be easily spotted, it’s favored by women who view the subtle tattoos as very delicate or feminine. If you’re thinking about getting a white ink tattoo, here are things you need to know about this pricey trend.

The 411 on white ink tattoos

As the name suggests, this tattoo does not make use of the usual black ink but of white ink instead. This high-quality ink is very different from what is commonly used in tattoo parlors. Because of its light color the tattoo is less obvious than the ones done in the traditional ink. This tattoo is perfect for people who want to have subtle ink, because they just look like brands or lovely scars.

White ink lace tattoo

white ink lace tattoo Cool White Ink Tattoos

Because white ink is not thoroughly absorbed by the skin, your tattoo artist will need to do a few passes for the image to be perfect. If he plans on using a stencil, he will be careful enough not to mix it with the stencil so as not to ruin the ink’s brightness.

Because it makes use of special ink, white ink tattoos heal differently. The ink usually ends up transparent, yellowish, or raised.

white ink Cool White Ink Tattoos

Where to place white ink tattoos?

White ink tattoos make use of special ink so they cannot be placed on body parts which are usually exposed to sun and harsh weather because they can lead to ink dullness. For this reason white ink tattoos are best placed on the back, chest, or under your arms. Also remember not to expose your white ink tattoo to household chemicals as they can damage its appearance.

White ink tattoo on wrist

White Ink Tattoos wrist Cool White Ink Tattoos

Designs for white tats

As with traditional tattoos, popular designs for white ink tattoos include stars, flowers, hearts, spirals and tribal designs. But if you want a personal and unique design, you can ask your tattoo artist to ink your name, initials, birthdate, zodiac sign symbol, anniversary date or mantra on your body.

White wrist tattoo

white wrist tattoo Cool White Ink Tattoos

Small white ink tattoo on  back

White Ink Tattoos Cool White Ink Tattoos

White ink feet tattoo

white ink foot tattoo Cool White Ink Tattoos

White ink tattoos on black people

white ink tattoo on black skin Cool White Ink Tattoos

White ink paws tattoos

white ink tattoo design Cool White Ink Tattoos

Cute White tattoos

white tattoo Cool White Ink Tattoos

Lower back white tattoo

white tattoo lower back Cool White Ink Tattoos


If you’re thinking of having a white ink tattoo, go ahead because it’s a great way for you to express your ideologies and mantras. After all, it it’s not very obvious, so you don’t have to fear people who might chastise you with your unique tattoo design.