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Free, flowy, and laidback – these are just some of the many things that describe the Boho Chic Style. Elements of this style drew inspirations from the 16th century pre-Raphaelite women, and from there it has evolved into a red carpet fashion philosophy which has been made famous by actresses Sienna Miller, Ashley Olsen, and Mary-Kate Olsen.

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boho chic ctyle How to look Boho Chic

Here are some tips which can help you channel the oh-so-famous boho chic look:

Layer it out. The main thing about boho chic is layering. It’s not about putting on tons of clothes on your body, but it’s about mixing and coming up with the right kind of boho layers. To achieve a great layered look, make sure to wear contrasting clothes. For example, pair a flowy top with neutral skinny pants, or a tank top with an airy skirt.

Top your short shorts with a long-sleeved peasant top. In boho chic layering, it’s about maintaining a degree of balance.

bohemian style fashion How to look Boho Chic

Go for neutral-toned clothes. While a few splashes of colors once in a while won’t hurt, to achieve the ultimate boho chic look you need to wear earth-tone apparel. Tops and bottoms in cream, grey, gold, black, khaki and brown are just some of the neutral hues you need to consider when coming up with your outfit. Remember not to use too much neutral colors at one time. And should you use a bright-colored item, douse the vivid hue with a bevy of earth-toned shades.

Boho Chic Accessories

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Amp up your style with bold accessories. The colors of your clothes might be muted down, but you can perk up your look by accessorizing with bright and chunky jewels. Flashy rings, bangles and headbands add “chic” to “boho chic.”

Boho Hairstyles

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Bag it up, boho style. Soft bucket bags which are slouchy in appearance are the perfect matches to a boho chic outfit. Go for neutral-colored totes with embellishments such as tassels and fringes.

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City Boho Chic Style from Vanessa Hudgens

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Suit on a pair of boho style shoes. There are three types of footwear which complement a boho chic look: clogs, sandals, and slouchy boots. Wear any of these shoes (in earth colors, of course) with your attire and you’re sure to look like Sienna Miller in no time.